Monday, May 22, 2006

style inspiration

I saw this picture Samaire Armstrong wearing a red belt with her cute "vintagey" dress. My mind travelled back to when I was a kid and played with my mom's bags, lipsticks, wig (yeah, wig) and everything in her closet. I remembers it vividly, red, thin, shiny, belt.
And my search was fruitful, with some help of course.
I got mine from topshop. Tho' the site shows that the belt comes with a steel buckle, but the one I got wasn't. It was wrapped with the same material. So it's all so red. Cute.

Not only did I get the red belt. I got another belt. Well, since belt wasn't really my thing. But it's ok to indulge a bit.
It's made of suede, my all time favourite material. Fav color too.

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