Tuesday, July 18, 2006


I cannot believe this..
I bought a top from Forever21. Actually I have a top similar from Miss Selfridge. I bought it a few weeks back, haven't have the chance to wear it. So my memory of it's print was pretty vague. But i know it's not the same.

Yesterday, I was at Miss Selfridge's and saw the exact same top I got from Forever21 days earlier. MS's is more pricey.

Double, in fact.
Thank goodness I saw it first in F21, otherwise I would have bought it at double the price. I actually prefer MS to Forever21. Now, I think I should do a check before making any purchases.

This is the top from MS. I bought the same design top from F21.

Edited : Pics added


sarah said...

i vote for selfridge's too

y(a)ppie said...

it's you it's you!!!!

Anonymous said...

=P shhhhhhhhhh