Friday, August 25, 2006

my fashion staples

As seen in PEOPLE, some trends reviewed are my fashion staples!

SHIRTDRESSES, buttoned down dresses, whatever you may call them, it's too lovely too miss having it in your closet. It's easy to dress down or dress up with.
PEOPLE quoted it as "easy day-to-night frocks" - I couldn't agree more. N
ote to mind, must get more.

Elisha Cuthbert, Beyoncé, Ali Landry

Another type of dresses I like is WRAP-DRESS, very easy and versatile, Halle Berry wears an eyelets wrap-dress. Eyelets are another of my favs.

Halle Berry & ?? wearing the same eyelet-wrap-dress

KIMONO DRESSES flatters the full chested and also those who are not so well endowed. It's full-sleeve gives room for air, so even during summer you can wear more cloth.

Sandra Bullock, Amerie, Jennifer Lopez

VESTS! Best quoted by PEOPLE; nothing shows off a woman's curves like fitted menswear vests. I was so inspired by wearing vest when I watch Godfather (movie marathon). I couldn't stop buying vests, cropped vest, all kinds of vest, with different materials. Each gives a different effect and style. Stay tune, on of my upcoming projects involves this.

Lucy Liu, Anne Hathaway, Bryce Dallas Howard

ANKLE BOOTS shows of .... your ankle, of course. But do you know guys view women's ankle as sexy. Ankle boots screams street chic, very London-ish, as seen here, worn by London's style icons. Paired with skinny jeans, or leggings (mind you, not everyone can look stylish in leggings), or mini skirts - showing off your long legs.

Mischa Barton, Gwyneth Paltrow (wearing Topshop's... i must get mine too!), Sienna Miller

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Credits : PEOPLE


paz said...

i love kimono dresses - i've been wearing one two days in a row!!!

paz said...

clarification : two different kimono dresses (not the same one)- LOL!

plain.jane said...

paz> hehehe!