Sunday, September 10, 2006

Season Transition

Weather are slowing changing and it's time to change our wardrobe from Spring Summer to Autumn Winter. But sometimes I am so reluctant to buy into a full Autumn/Winter wardrobe. Have you ever splurge on the summer clearance sale, but having no chance to wear it because the weather has turn cold? Of course, we dread wearing it the next year because it would be a potential fashion disaster.

Here are my list of must-have(s) from Spring Summer and yet wearable during Autumn Winter.

1. Tank tops - you can still use it during Autumn, just layer it. Or with jackets, hoodies. Even dresses.

2. Summer dresses - wear long sleeve t-shirt underneath, or wear corduroy/leather jacket

3. Shirt dress - layer summer dresses with shirt dresses

4. Vest - my take; you can wear it with almost anything as long as it is tight fit. Or with fitted t.

5. Denim Shorts - try to get those mid lengths, not Daisy Duke type, so that you can fold it up during Summer, and fold down during cold weather

6. Cropped jeans - summer staple wear, but during Autumn, you can wear it with your knee length boots

7. Denim Skirts - over skinny jeans (black) and if you must, leggings... argh, i dread that word...

What summer clothing that you wear to death till autumn?
Credits : Nordstrom & GAP


Anonymous said...

I dont think anybody wears denim skirts over skinny jeans, it's almost always leggings.

Anonymous said...

It's October in New England... Is it too early to wear corduory?