Thursday, December 07, 2006

Brand new heels

I am wearing this pair of stubby heels I bought some months ago. Pretty. Gosh, it is painful and very uncooperative with my feets. The straps is somehow inadequate. Either that, or my feet is not designed for these heels. This gives me a lesson about thinking twice for love at first try shoes. Well, I did think twice – saw it the first time, lemming for it, and 2nd trip was to bring her home. So much for the money spent – enough for me to get a whole get-up outfit.

Well, when choosing heels make sure you get your size right. Right size, not bigger, not smaller. Take your sweet time to try them out. Don’t just slip them on. Buckle it, strap it, like how you would wear it out… and walk walk WALK, at least 10 – 15 steps or more (if the SA allows).

Try staircase walking too. Stand in them longer than 5 minutes – ask yourself, are they comfy?
Make sure your heels matches your dress/pants/skirt.

If there is no doubt. Buy it. And it doesn’t end here. Don’t keep it and then wear it on your first date or any function. Try it on at home, walk in it. So that when you actually wear it, you will feel much comfort.

So much for my tips.

Edited: My heels looks like Kate Bosworth's... anyone know who is it from?

Painful by just looking


The Girls said...

No one said being pretty was easy!

plain said...

yeah, i agree.

"all in the name of beauty"

misshoax said...

those are gorgeous. salivating.

plain said...

will post more pics of it... my friend said this pic looks like flats -_-

sarah said...

yes, they do look alike!! superb!

shopdiary said...

kate's shoes are chloe. i have similar ones from aldo that are comfortable. i just wore them today!

plain.jane said...

i love chloe and aldo too