Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Compact perfume

I went for Christmas shopping yesterday – spent a bomb. But I did manage to get a little something for myself.

A solid perfume - Mimosa Solid Perfume by L’occitane. Fresh smell of magnolia. I have chosen this, contemplating this or Green tea (best seller).
A sniff to perk you up and rub it on if you need to add a heavier note to your scent.
I am a sucker for multi function items.

These solid perfumes are great for a night out when you NEED to use that small/tiny purse. Remember, sometime ago I mentioned Stila’s solid perfume.

Here is some other to choose from.

Clockwise from left :

So In Love by Victoria's Secret, maybe baby by Benefit, Fantasy Britney Spears, Marc Jacobs,

Estee Lauder Touch Perfume, Island by Micheal Kors, Stella In Two and Rococo Rouge Gelee de Parfum

I am loving these compacts for its versatility - so travel friendly!

Tell me if you know any perfume that comes in compacted size.


Anonymous said...

how much is the L’occitane solid perf?

Anonymous said...

about usd10

whr r u from? :)