Monday, January 29, 2007

Harujuku Lovers

Tokidoki for LeSportac may be THE graphic-inspired bag of the moment, but I kinda like the more down-to-earth illustrative ones by Harujuku Lovers.

^ I love these two designs!
Subtle colours and cute in a non-annoying way!
I want!!!

^ Matching pop-bags to go with the handbags.
For cozmetics or whatever to de-clutter!

Shop here.


Anonymous said...


ojamoja said...

omg. i'm so with you. just bought two of them here (US). tokidoki is way tooo expensive for me to get one. but HL is kinda affordable.I LIKE YOUR BLOG. keep it up ya.sha

y(a)ppie said...

ojamoja : It's so cool you have so many nice choices in the US to shop. I am jealous! I guess it's online shopping for us if we ever wanna get stuff like these... but that's half the fun of REAL shopping!