Tuesday, March 13, 2007


Googims is a clothing brand from South Korea. I love them for their quirky cartoon characters.

Googims means "wrinkles" in Korean, representing the wrinkles
one gains when facing life's myriad challenges. A fun and uniquely Korean brand
of clothing, Googims conveys the rituals and moods of daily life in an
irreverent and irresistible manner. Googims cartoon characters are immediately
identified by their vulnerable, sensitive, and fragile nature. Main character
Daddy Googim is a young father still trying to come to terms with his change of
color (he was born gray, but is now black). Baby Googim is stubborn and curious,
while Ice Guy is the personification of loneliness. Ice Guy can suddenly become
a big part of a person's life, but he will melt away and disappear in the
presence of love. Googims characters show us love, anger, worry, sadness, sweat,
tears, and even joy.

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