Saturday, March 17, 2007

Hair accessory of the moment

Recently the way to do your hair is wear something! Headband, scarves, hairpin.. you name it.
The recent hype on hair accessories - the well known headwrap. It will take some time for me to totally accept it. It's more like a runway look, in my opinion. But, Olsen seems to carry it very well.

For me, it's headbands all the way.

I have always been fascinated by headbands since I was a child.
I still remember my first - thin fuschia colored.
It must be a girly thing - like donning a tiara on your head.

I go weak when I see headbands. Some are steals, but mostly it's splurge. And some I had to give them up for adoption away.

Here is my collection.
L-R: Topshop black link, red polka from flea market, beaded (few years old), thin pink, Topshop thin black leather, pink sequins from flea market, pink velvet, another in purple, purple leather
Must click >
How to tie a turban - Mary-Kate Olsen style


jEzmiNe tHe shOpPeR said...

i love the link headband by TOPSHOP..
how much was it? and whr did u get d belt u wore wif d vintage looking tee below?

Raji said...

Love the MK Olsen headband - much more wearable than the full-fledged Prada or H&M turban!

plain.jane said...

jezmine: i think it's abt 5pounds..
and the belt is from Topshop as well..
Raju : great taste =)