Monday, May 21, 2007

Cameron Diaz Style

Cameron Diaz made an appearance on MTV TRL recently, and she looked stunning despite how simple her outfit was. A denim jumper (I really love the braided details) and topping it with a simple white t-shirt. The skirt is at an ideal length for her sexy legs.
And her style has always maintained a flair of California girl next door style. Her outfits are mostly very easy to replicate because of the basic items she uses. Jeans for example is a staple piece in any wardrobe. Cameron styles it with double breasted jacket. Basic colors are use. Learn how she enhances her look with small details - gold buttons, leopard print heels and a big bag. Details like this does not overshadow her whole simplistic look. Another of my favourites - off shoulder top with denim jeans. A laid back style - suitable when you run out to get your coffee or for a girl's night out.
White tee and denim jeans. Fool proof!
Credits : First pic by whowearwhatdaily

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