Wednesday, May 02, 2007

New product - Purse Sitter

A friend linked me this fabulous product

Our stylish purse hooks are a mini bag hanger suitable for all types of handbags. Simply attach the round medallion to the edge of a table or counter top and the slip-resistant cushioned pad on our purse hangers will hold your handbag securely next to you and off the dirty floor. To get them, click here

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Mia said...

Thanks so much for sharing such a great found! I bought the purse hangers from Pursesitter after learning about it from your blog and they are absolutely fantastic! I won't leave home without one now and I love their adorable patterns. For any girls who love their fashionable handbags, this is definitely the best gadget you can get to protect your bags =D

plain.jane said...

mia > glad u like the Pursesitter

Anonymous said...

I have just bought these on a site I found recently that stocks these and a few other really cute girly girl gifts, at It is filled with some really cute gifts for grown up girls and little girls too. They are selling these cheap at the moment too.