Friday, April 25, 2008

The GAP of Japan : Uniqlo

Uniqlo store in Tokyo

Japanese chain Uniqlo to me, is a simplistic clothing brand that offers true to what they believe - casual wear that can be worn by anyone, any day. It is just like an Asian version of GAP. It's simple basic clothing items, are not only comfortable but cheap. One can never have too many basics in the closet. I came about this brand reading about it of course, in Japanese / international magazines. (they have more coverage in Asian magazines).

During my visit to Japan, Uniqlo was basically everywhere, every corner of the street and even smaller outlets at the subway. Talk about convenience. My japanese friend raves to me about it, saying it was his favourite brand, because of it's competitive pricing. Of course, I got a few items (as souvenirs for myself). It's not only basic items, but trendy basic items. I got a few basic tank tops, and tights. Japanese call them tights, but to me it's a thicker version of panty hose. I wanted to get a pair of short pants (which was all the rage in Tokyo then, and tights too) but it was a bit too trendy. My guy friend bought a few pair of slacks, and a cardigan. Preppy.

UNIQLO’s recent spring collection had Chloe Sevigny and Japanese actor Tadanobu Asano fronting their campaign named UT Project (UT stands for UNIQLO t-shirt), a limited edition collection of t-shirts designed by renowned artists, designers, photographers, etc.

Chloe Sevigny + Tadanobu Asano

Another current hot news is the Uniqlo's Designer Invitation Project with designer Alexander Wang. Hitting stores on May 30th. Until then, all the internet hype will sure create a sudden influx of demand for. I'm sure it will be a sell out. This collection ranges from 1000 yen - 3990yen.

Alexander Wang / Uniqlo collection for the Basics Paradise.

I think the last dress looked better worn alone, without the long sleeve tee.

Sadly, it's not in our shores yet. It currently retails in
Japan, China, Hong Kong, South Korea, UK, France and USA. But coming August, it will appear in our neighbouring country. News, here.

**Another long overdue post. I know a lot of blogs have written something about this current campaign.

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