Sunday, April 20, 2008

not my shoes

I am so frustrated now. I bought a pair of lovely sandals... while I was being environmentally friendly by not wanting the box, they wrapped it in paper and I didn't double check when I paid. Okay, my fault.
2 weeks later, today. I opened it, and it was the WRONG PAIR! Argh.

Is it a blessing in disguise?

It does look like something I would buy. Many times, I would try something like this but not buying because I know my toes are ugly, hence I did not buy something like this?
Ugly toes and Alladin-esque pointed shape (yuck*)

Should I keep it.. or head to the store and throw a bitch fit. It was cheap anyway.
Cumbersome strap. And it's not even the same size.

But... I don't care, I want that pair I wanted, the pair I bought. Now, I have to search for my receipt, which I doubt I can find it.


y(a)ppie said...

throw a bitch fit, definitely.
fashionistas don't settle for second best.

Meghan said...

take them back . . . get what you wanted.

Savvy Gal said...

you should take it back and talk to someone about it. it's their mistake... they don't look like they are fitting you that well.

plain.jane said...

^^^yes, i am definitely changing it. but must find time to drop by.

yes, this pair don't quite fit me well - seems like my toes are hanging on a ledge