Friday, May 16, 2008


Yes, remember the time when every where you turn, in every clothing store, the babydoll-cut dress/top ruled. I think it'd became a fast favourite among many because of its girly casualness and of course - the flared bottom is a god-sent solution in hiding those unsightly tummy bulges. For this reason alone, I think it's here to stay for good. ( Kudos if you don't have tummy fat but be careful. It's a special feature in aging. )

But for some, if not careful in choosing one that is right, chance is that it may end up like you're expecting.

For me, all that excess cloth after the bustline proved unfavourable to my body type. Not that I'm on the heavier side, but I don't know... everytime I try on a short babydoll-cut dress/top, my reflection is just plain odd. Plus, it didn't help that I am always self conscious on not looking too girly. ( yes, I'm not your girly girl ). I guess if it's empire line, I still prefer the full length dress.

I had never given up and had often continue the search for the prefect babydoll-cut dress/top for myself. Over a span of time, I managed to acquire a few to my taste and those that flatter me.

One of my favourite - bright coloured and avoided any 'when are you due' stares ;)

Love its light chiffon-like material. Wear it over jeans for a cheery mood around town or throw it over a bikini on a breezy holiday.

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Jojo said...

hi, i love the color and design..where do i get it from? thank you