Sunday, June 15, 2008

Have a taste of Helmut Newton

One of the most influential photographer of all time - Helmut Newton created "Helmut Newton Photo Machine" back in 1970. This photographic equipment and studio was an innovation back, models can take their own photograph without any photographer.

"The whole system is devised to heighten the tension of the modelling session
and to catch the model at the peak of each pose".

Helmut Newton.

Now, there's a chance for us to have a taste of being a stylist, model and photographer at the same time. Not only it epitomizes your very own fashion moment, it redefines one's obsession to pose in front of a camera.
My favourite is Susie's. Her dress is so colorful and kitschy. Or was it a skirt?

Check out other poses and latest garb at Topshop Gallery.

This is the last week for those who want to head over to Topshop (Dublin Street) to get your very own style shot. Faster!


Via said...

Hi! I saw susie's first pic in the colorful dress/skirt and i tot she's my cousin, chelle from
ahahah with the bangs covering the eyes..but anyways, luv ur posts!

plain.jane said...

Hi Via,
well it does looks a bit like Chelle :)

thanks for your comments