Monday, June 09, 2008

Six foot tall, came without a warning so I had to shoot her dead.

I tried on the most fetching maxi dress from MNG over the weekend. In the prettiest shades of pastels and winsome contrast of blacks. Geometric shapes non too garish. The weight of the fabric is perfect. Clings at all the right places. With the help of a lovely bold black bow at the empire line, eliminates the 'pregnant' look.

I love.


Of course, then I encountered the problem I have ALWAYS had with MNG maxi dresses. Waaaaayyyy too maxi. It's like they make maxis for models, not women. Ugh.

I am Asian, but have been lucky enough to be blessed with a slim frame with an 'ok' height of 5'5". I CAN pull off a maxi dress, thankyouverymuch. But having THAT much of excess cloth as shown, to put it mildly - ridiculous.

On another occasion @ MNG too :-

Sigh. I rest my case.


lynnie said...

that does really does look good... how much was it?

Name : yuki said...

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y(a)ppie said...


both dresses cost more than rm300 each :(

Squirrelicious said...

I love the pastel color, i think Zara also have it tis season. The dresses are way too long and exp too. :(

plain.jane said...

yes, i love Zara's maxi dress :)