Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Mineral Make Up by The Body Shop

Another unexpected new addition to my make up collection is the newly launched limited edition from The Body Shop. This is their first mineral makeup line. I’ve never really used their makeup extensively but there are a few items on my must-have list, such as Vit C serum, Vit E lip balm, whitening eye cream.

My sis is a big sucker for their rebate system. One evening I accompanied her to TBS store, and I saw this new range and was immediately enticed. I've been wanting to get a brush for quite some time but have not found the right best texture and price. TBS' range is so tempting, that we actually went back a second round - after my sis have already used up her vouchers. We tried on the foundation and blusher, it definitely did not fail to deliver. Color was subtle and natural, and I almost fall asleep when the makeup artist gently swirled the soft brush on my face.

The Body Shop Nature’s Mineral Makeup consist of mineral powder for the face, blush, and eyeshadows complete with brush. You can buy the brushes separately or in a set, which of course is more cost efficient. If you think you can scrimp by just buying the colors and not the brush, you thought wrong. This is because the mineral powder are so minute, the complementing soft brush helds the powder better. Each casing has a sheer net to prevent excessive powder in your brush. Extra points for the klutzy me. Brushes can be kept in a sleek black plastic pouch provided.

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Rush over to your nearest TBS store to check this out. Or simply visit their online page and online store here.


evie said...

i've been looking to try mineral make-up for awhile now and just recently bought the blush from loreal. thanks for the tip - will check out bodyshop soon!

plain.jane said...

sorry, jz saw yr comments.
loreal mineral m/up are not too good. the brush sucks...