Monday, December 01, 2008

Naf Naf, The Curve

Hello this is a rant relating to shopping goodwill. Last weekend I was in Naf Naf, The Curve doing some therapeutic exercise of trying on bargain items. Lost in a mountain of last season's knit-wear, I didn't realize it was already 10pm - closing time.

In between decisions of getting this or that, my mobile rang - my friend wants to know where my ass was. Still clutching EVERYTHING I wanted to filter for better bargain, I frantically answered the call, and said don't disturb me while the shopping demon is still in possession. But she being so powerful ( bless her ), broke the spell and I was saved from clogging my wardrobe with yet another last season's item.

In all that rush and confusion, I must've dropped that pouch that holds my handphone. A souvenir from Tokyo, it even has a cat sewn on it. I heart very much. I spent some hours sulking about it before sending the accused caller who caused this hullabaloo to retrieve the pouch the next day. I was positive that the dusty floor of Naf Naf, The Curve was its last resting place.

And so my 'soldier' marched into Naf Naf, The Curve the next day and she thought she was saved from further cruxification when the sales assistant of Naf Naf, The Curve told her that she did picked up a pouch last night. But you know what, she bloody threw away the pouch!!! When she found it. Right away. That instant. Not even 24 hours.




* fumes *

True, I did not write my name on the lost item. No phone number. It was my own carelessness to drop it. And the accused caller caused my carelessness, I'm holding on that fact too.

But does it ever occur to you or you, salespeople of Naf Naf, The Curve to keep it for maybe a couple of days in case someone comes for its claim??? It might add brownie points to your customer service rating, do you know? Gawd, you even dare say you THREW it away immediately.

Yes, it's just a pouch. Insignificant. Small. Replaceable.

There isn't a phone inside doesn't mean you, salesperson from Naf Naf, The Curve, get to throw it away. Left inside was my Live&Loud:Acoustic ticket from last year. And a fading two-year-old yellow sticky pad note handwritten for me from someone too dear. Irreplaceable :(


plain.jane said...

i can totally relate
1. i will accused the caller :P
2. i will blame the imbecile salespeople
3. i will weep for those insignificant irreplaceable items inside


y(a)ppie said...

wept, i have.