Thursday, April 09, 2009

Acid dare

Dare you to wear the latest trend that's sported by Fergie-fergalicious.
I think I am quite apprehensive when it comes to trend, even if I do try it will be a very subtle statement. Nothing OTT. I've read somewhere that bad taste is wanting to be too fashionable. There are lots people out there that think they can be fashionable by putting all the trends on themselves. Yes, they may make a good visual picture every now and then, but mostly I think it's a walking fashion disaster.
Okay back to acid wash jeans - the current trend now.You don't need to spend a bomb in getting the lastest (Balmain) acid jeans pair but simply DIY. Some examples here, here and here with complete instructions.
Or get other cheap alternatives from Mango >

1 comment: said...

I know I am definitely too scared to try the acid washed jeans look. I guess they're just a little too loud for my taste!