Friday, April 24, 2009

One can never have too many

The conversation started when I told y(a)ppie that I was doing a survey
me: doing a survey
Q18. Do you own more than 10 bags?
No ?
i hvnt counted before worrrrrr

I am sure there are stares, sharp painful one eyeing me in binary codes. She continued to list down her possession.
2:58 PM Karen: well i know i have more than 5
let's see
mng blue
2:59 PM topshop brown
vincci green
vincci orange
siemreap sami bag
bali sami bag
3:00 PM bali sami bag 2
knitted bag
3:01 PM i think that's all
3:02 PM oh one more . new zealand knitted bag
3:20 PM me: wth
Karen: what. so my bags are not exclusive
me: no, i tot u kira for me
gap - which?
Karen: lol
Karen: you aa
tsk the one we saw together la

me: :D

Of course, she could not resist trying to count mine as well.
Karen: mng pink
mng brown/white
me: lol
Karen: topshop dragon fly
3:22 PM yc bag
me: (hands over mouth laughs)
Karen: toki doki
eh wait gym bag kira aa

me: topshop dragon fly??dragon??
Karen: then i have 2 more
then one more backpack also
topshop brown one lehhhh
3:23 PM lining got dragonfly
Karen: then erm
mng black
seed pink
ck black
me: let's see ur memory ok or not
tht one rosak liao

3:24 PM Karen: tea and sympathy envelope
that's all i remember for now
Karen: oooh i got one more. siem reap silk black bag
Karen: well.... i have one more if you count that red bag that never reach me

So, here goes, my shameless list
mng pink rouched bag - birthday gift
mng brown/white rouched bag - birthday gift from me!
coach hobo brown - first Coach bag
coach red suede hobo - souvenir from Tokyo
coach white - hands me down
coach heritage berry - gift
topshop vintage leather with dragon fly lining - birthday gift. my love!
mng suede light brown bag - my best companion (currently hibernating to prolong lifeline)
yamcha bag a.k.a. thai white bag - souvenir
pink floral thai silk bag - souvenir
lesportsac toki doki - sale
mng black pleated envelope bag - eyed it for months, and it was on sale
seed pink envelope bag - eyed it for weeks, and got it half priced
ck black - gift from US friend. disqualified (the strap was faulty, i gave it to my sis, and it was never seen ever again)
tea and sympathy envelope cluth - too cute too resist
mng suede turquoise shoulder bag - sale at half price
mng suede brown shoulder bag - sale at half price
guess baby shoulder bag black (quilted) - sale at half price
square faux leather clutch - cheap item at Cats Whiskers
oriental orange clutch - RM15 deal at Semua House
topshop slingbag auntie brown - few said it's auntie like
Gap green chain strap mini tote - RM40!! steals..
mng beige sling bag - really bought it during sale
big tote bag from Bangkok - gift from bro
bowling travel bag - Thailand
Topshop messenger bag - hibernation period, i overused it
mng yellow clutch/shoulder bag - i think sale time as well
rattan boxy sling bag from Tawau - RM20 bargain!!!
a few free tote bag / recycling bags - does that even count?
*this is true at the time of posting, list made based on memory and not actual physical count*

Noticed, how I did not number the list at all. So so so shameless! But all is justify-able for the very fact that I got it at a deal. Plus all the agonizing wait and the collection did its own accumulation throughout 5 years or more. I am quite the frugal one because I never paid RM700 to ship a bag halfway across the globe. My condolences to your lost. I am can be a shopaholic, but never impulsive.

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