Saturday, June 13, 2009

Ring Fascination

I am not a very big fan of rings. Simply because I find it quite cumbersome (for some odd reason)
My fingers doesn't seem to fit right into any sizes. I find the bow design very irresistable.
Must get one. Wink-wink.
Marcasite Bow Ring
Disney Couture Kidada Bow Ring Swarovski Bow ring
Bow ring "Marc by Marc Jacobs"
Twisted bow ring (seen here)

Bow Ring via Dilly Dallas (seen here) City Brights from NY&Company



I hear you on your feelings about rings, I find myself thinking the same thing all the time. Although, these bow rings are absolutely wonderful. They actually don't even seem like rings, but cute little accessory statements. Love your blog!

plain.jane said...


camerafilmroll said...

I like that Twisted bow ring!


Love the Disney Couture ring! So adorable! I think bows are so cute and feminine, I love that they're coming back via bow straps too!

CHICKDOWNTOWN.COM Stephanie said...

I LOVE the first and last one!!

I've always loved rings. I've recently been confident enough to wear big ones, usually flowers. I think it makes a great focal point. Also I've never been too fond of my hands so anything to make them look prettier is welcomed!!

chickdowntown. Kaitlin said...

I love that marc jacobs bow ring. It is so great!
CHICKDOWNTOWN.COM has some great bow accessories by rachel leigh. check them out!

Lindsay said...

WOW.!! What an awesome selection of super cute rings. Well, I am a huge fan of rings. City Brights from New York & Company is my most favorite.