Tuesday, August 18, 2009

Mango Fall/Winter 2009/2010

Scarlett Johansson is the latest spokesperson for top Spanish fashion retail company - Mango / MNG. She replaced Penelope Cruz - spokesperson for Mango of 4 years.
Images shot by Mario Sorrenti

The Fall/Winter 2009 catalogue also features Daisy Lowe, Leigh Lezark, Riley Keough, and Marie-Ange Casta.
Here are pictures of Daisy Lowe.
More at news.mango.com


LP said...

i've always been a fan of the leopard print cardigans and such...nice stuff :P


The Faux Fashionista said...

Is it just me or did ScarJo lose some weight?

Anonymous said...

Scarlett Johansson looks fabulous in zebra and leopard print. I love her shoes in the second photo. I also enjoy the raw quality of the photos.

chickdowntown.com Julia

plain.jane said...

LP - i'm not brave enough to pull that leopard style :P

justina - i think it's photoshop :P

itchy eLLie said...

god scarlett turns me on... what i'd do to look as good as her, with or w/o the weight gain... *drools*

Anonymous said...

hhmm i'm thinking in small increments ;)just not a leopard print pimp coat :)I myslef have not given into leopard yet...but i think i will shy away form the red lipstick if i do :)