Friday, October 30, 2009


Time to review, before the year ends. Review what - you may ask..
  • write more fashionable entries here, and not neglect this site.
  • Be wiser and think twice (or more) when purchasing fashion apparels.
  • Another tough one would be not to stock up a whole year’s worth of beauty and toiletries supply...
  • take more fashion risk


  • tried my best to write more, but more often than not, i can only write a line or two
  • wise up when purchasing fashion apparels - erm, no comment. i do think i am making some improvements. not shopping with the quirky one
  • not to stock up beauty and toiletries - yes! i did it. i cleared toiletries before buying more
  • take more fashion risk - erm? only when days when i am not so lazy and reluctant to wake up

Hmm, now let's think of what to do for 2010?

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