Friday, April 21, 2006

fashionista wannabe

My brainchild is born.
After much procrastination. Long story.
Oh well, nothing new.

Just another blog by another self-claimed shopaholic (note: one who is constantly low in cash – you find out why if you continue to read, winks) who thinks he/she knows all about fashion trends and products.

I am pretty much an amateur here, so please bear with me.

So far behind the league of those infamous sites that never fails to inspires me, I aspire to be like them.
I need your help! Please give me all your comments, reviews, crititism, and also some nice links u may want to recommend me.

My appetite for fashion and gossips never ceases.
I feast my eyes on all things nice.
And ugly too. Hehe, I’m so a meanie. (I think I will go blind looking at the pc screen of graphics excessively)

But that is how we learn. Why do you think people read fugly?
Not because they like to be one, but to learn how not to be a fugly thing.

Have fun! Cheers!

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