Monday, April 24, 2006

shoe freak

I’m never really a shoe-person. I usually wear out my pair before I get another. Well,.. but I do have 3 pairs – casual, work, lazy shoes (i.e. flip-flops)
But lately, I kinda developed a shoe fetish! =P
It’s just so exhilarating to shop for shoes!

neways… I had a 20% discount voucher to spare and my current daily pair is wearing out. It’s not totally worn out yet, the heels are fine, the ribbons are fine, but the cloth – some kind of synthetic silk is completely gone, disappeared, leaving a pathetic imprint of my toes.…

So I wanted to buy a pair of shoes, a pair. And I ended up 3 pairs.

A pair cute sandals – great to match my newly-acquired-kinda-vintage-purply-dress. Teehee.

Then another pair… for my everyday use. Kitten heels.
Another pastel blue stilettos? Erm, don’t really have something to match, but I guess it’s good for my long pants… which kinda covers it up. Plus, it’s pretty comfy despite the fact that it’s height probably will give me the ache. Oh nvm, I am trained for it.

Guess how much my bill comes up to? RM100 only.
Well, it may not be super branded, but it’s good for me, I don’t need a pair that last forever.

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