Tuesday, May 09, 2006

cat's whiskers @ bangsar

went to cat whisker's outlet in bangsar...

it's actually my first visit to this boutique, cz the current hype about it.
you see them in mags, and hearing yr gfs rant about it.

my experience - utterly disappointing.

as we (a fren & i) walked in, there is 2 people standing near the cashier which is facing the door. they didn’t care to greet us, not even a pathetic smile.. and scattered away back to their duties, with a foul face. i guess, on a monday afternoon, they weren’t expecting much crowd and they prolly couldn’t gossip while there are patrons.

anyway, i browse and browse. took a few items to try it on. and still browsing.
this store is color coordinated. other than that. none. it's like all styles in white is in one section.. black in another and so on..

as we were browsing this SA came up to my fren and told her - 5 items max into dresser room. "_"

and after trying, i like 2 tops. didn’t really want to get it at first. but since it was so darn cheap, i got it. yep, sale time - 50% & 70%.

i felt it was kinda overrated.
the quality of the clothes isn’t that great. style - erm, what style?
it's kinda like sg wang in a smaller scale. i bet shopping in sg wang gives me more satisfaction.

but, i will still wanna visit DP and Hartamas' outlet. Maybe it's different.


Eunice said...

yeah...their service is definitely not superb! nobody will bother to serve you.... u have to "self-service" yourself there.... i experienced the same when i last visited there...

Anonymous said...

ya, i agree with you. i have the same treatment at their damansara perdana branch. you should check out this new boutique called 'mooie'. is situated at the same roll as cats whiskers in bangsar. really nice shop and the people there are very friendly. i just love their interior and decor.

plain.jane said...

yes, been to Mooie... bought a top too... :)

Shannen said...

Yeap, agree totally on their sales staff attitude.

I even sent them an email commenting on it but till now no apologies or any form of response from them.

Well, what the heck. I can get better clothing apparels in other places, any time any day. As what Plain Jane defined their shop, its just another small scale Sg Wang outlet wannabe.

Anonymous said...

you girls wont believe it. cat whiskers bangsar has the worst SA ever, disrespectful and very very extremetly rudeee. that was my last visit to their shop!