Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Welcome aboard - Y(a)ppie

Introducing my partner in crime - Y(a)ppie, or I fondly call Yuppie.

We are both Arians.
So much a like that we often buy the same outfit although we don't shop together.
Often we share the same taste in clothing, music, movies. But sometimes we are polls apart.

It kinda balances our friendship.
I admire her quirky yet individual taste. And I hope she can bring a lot for this blog of ours.


y(a)ppie said...

y(a)ppie in da house! If you see things that are not too girly.. that's probably me. Fashion is all about wearability and comfort. of course, you gotta look absolutely fab too!


plain.jane said...

=) =)
any fashion is great!

*waiting to hear from u