Friday, September 22, 2006

Kate Moss for Topshop

"IT'S true – Kate Moss has officially turned her hand to design for the first time, having agreed to create a line for TopShop" Source

It will debut in April 2007 for Spring collection. Check out their current runway Look.

Are models, celebrities are now giving designers a run for their money and ideas?
It makes me wonder how Kate Moss will add to Topshop's London-ish chic style.

Since we are on this topic. I wonder - when celebrities "designs", what do they do? Do they sit down and sketch or some designers do the work and the celebs will just nod or shake their head.

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gallagher said...

I think Kate is wonderfully gorgeous, but her style is rather boring. I don't find her to be particularly innovative at all. Spending years at photo shoots does not make you creative or deserving of a collaboration line!