Sunday, September 17, 2006

Pretty Bargain

Ever been in the situation where you love an item so much you bought it immediately - only find out a month later that the item is on discount. Shitty, innit?

But then if you wait, motivated by the thought of maybe it will be on discounted price soon - sure, it happens. Only to be let down by the salesperson telling you that it's sold out. Then I regret big time.

I saw this :

from Esprit @ The Curve

It's a belt, a necklace in many ways, a bracelet, even an anklet if you please.

From 3 months before, I was contemplating whether it's really worth my RM99 for this. Everytime I visit the shop, it's there on the same mannequin. Weird - it's really pretty, but no one grabbed it? A month later it was the sales season - this particular item is still on normal price - And I was still contemplating its worthiness. The next month it's still in there. No discount. I was ready to let it go, just because it's one of those pretty girly things I know I will never get the chance to use regularly - although it's really very very pretty, sparkly and delicate. Did I mention pretty?

A fortnight ago, I passed by the same Esprit again and still - the item is there on the mannequin. Just to try my luck, I flipped the price tag - a tiny 70% off sticker was stuck there!

I put it down as one of my most satisfying and worthy shopping experience. Of course I bagged it immediately!

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