Saturday, October 28, 2006

Kate Cosmetics

To most of you, Kate Cosmetics is kinda unknown. But I assure you Japanese know a quite bit on make up and colors too. (I like Shiseido Maquillage - Shiseido is another Jap brand). Well, Kate cosmetics is a sister brand of Kanebo, a reputable cosmetics and skincare line.

My 3 favourite thing I have got from them are - well, my fashion staple, blusher, mascara and eyeshadow/eyeliner.

This blusher comes with a mini brush. Completely use-able because of it thick fluffy hair. The color is great, 2/3 peachy and 1/3 dark pink. It gives a healthy glow and iridescent look.
As a mascara buff... this didn't fail me eventhough it's a bit tough to remove (I may have overload it on my lashes). The wand is without any bristles at all! ;O but it does give good coverage, and keeps curl in place. In the mixture it does not have fiber but......... *drum rolls* minute glitter. Fantastic for a night out. As I've said it is minute, hence, putting on the mascara doesn't give you the OTT look.
Lastly, eyeshadow cum eyeliner. 'Nuff said. You can select your choice of color and just buy the pencil holder and voila, 2 in one.

Kate Cosmetics Official Site *sorry - I think only in Japanese language*

Product List *sorry - Mandarin only*


Anonymous said...

I love their products, I'm a big fan of KATE. All the three products that you referred to I have never try their blush first I think their mini brush will not work that well. For the Mascara, this one is my favorite too and they did pretty good job when it comes to mascara. Another one is Doll gives your eyelashes a thick and curl looks, because a lot of fibers.

plain.jane said...

i agree wt you.
for the eyeliner brush i am using bobbi brown's