Sunday, October 29, 2006

Say No to Fur

A pretty sight at TOPSHOP's Oxford Street flagship store is more than just a bold fashion statement. Topshop's cry of love for PETA - go Anti Fur, for the love of animals.

Their fact: 1 FUR COAT = 25 CATS… 17 DOGS… 8 SEALS… 15 BADGERS… 14 OTTERS… 15 FOXES… 35 RABBITS

We cannot tolerate any cruelty on animals in the name of fashion.
Fashion is more noble than that.
SAY NO TO FUR!Credit : topshop's blog (yes, blog) , , Peta News

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Inertia said...

I love that you put this up...awesome!!! There is no reason to use real fur :)