Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Nothing to shout about.

Remember this?
I was totally exited to set out for the sales on that day. Mid Valley's outlet, to be exact.
After going to Miss Selfridge, Topshop, Topman and Dorothy Perkins, I felt let down. Hahaha. Well, first of all.

Nothing in this poster was on sale

In Topshop, items on sales are,.. well… sales that day was from the same rack you see during non sale period. You know the off-season rack in a secluded corner. Those From RM19 and above, or was it the 50% OFF rack? Okay, it wasn’t that bad. There were some further discounts – 30% range, and of course 50%. But the clothes don’t excite me that much. Plus, it’s hard to find Size 6, although Size 8 can do.
The queue was pretty long. I didn’t bother checking out the shoes section. I scanned and there weren’t any signs that shouted sales. But there was a frame by the wall, where Marc Jacob’s look-alikes are stacked. Can’t remember it was 50% off, or 70%. Maybe it was 30% off. I doubt anyone will buy it. It is made of suede and in purple. Screams Barney. It won’t look that bad actually, but because it’s suede – it does look kind of worn out. Out.
Headed to Topman. Quite a bargain for some. 50% off shirts and vests. Most items are not on sale.

Miss Selfridge. Nothing much. Same old. Same old. Good to get some accessories which is actually cheap. I got a belt, half price.

Dorothy Perkins. Nothing much. Got the pair of earrings I wanted.
Non-sale items

Pbbbhhh. 10% off from my members card.

10% off. Kinda pathetic. Sigh. Not even a sale (to me).

Prove me wrong, and show me what you have snagged.

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