Thursday, April 24, 2008

shoes? again?

Out of boredom / stress, I went kai kai again.
Yes, partly because I wanted to use my 70% off (on second pair) Vincci voucher. I headed to KLCC with my colleagues. Impromptu!
Of course I dropped by Topshop first, which in the end proves to be bad. Lay out of the store looked fairly organized. Not as havoc as it was on the sale preview day in Mid Valley. There was a crowd but not too crowded (get what I mean?). Not many items was on sales. I was looking around and ending up in the shoes section. Wow, so many Shoes On Sale – 30%, 50% off. It’s only a few same designs in many sizes.
Tried on this lovely mary-janes..

but there was none in size 36. Tried on 37, a bit lose for me. Should I get it? RM199 before 30% less. I would say it’s quite a bargain. The staff attending to me was helpful and convincing! Politely I declined by saying I would think about it. I wandered off looking for this sado-machonistic-like (SM) waistcoat.

I found size 6, with the help of one sales assistant. S.a.s here are friendly and courteous. As I was queuing up to try clothes, one of the s.a. apologized and kindly told me to wait because it was full. And she continues to tell everyone else who was queuing. Tried on size 6 and 8 and texted my shrink – asking if I should/can get it. Normally I will be glad of her somewhat approving reply, but of course I didn’t get it in the end (such good self control, of late). I wasn’t as thrilled as compared to the time I first tried it on. Maybe I got distracted. Hahaha.
Then I headed to Vincci. I wanted to get a pair of pointed working heels. And a pair of s.m. bondage mary janes. Black. Glossy. Pros for this is the height of its heels, and the rounded front; totally epitomes mary-janes. But, it's just weird on me in some way, plus I don't fancy glossy material that much (especially on shoes, it reads FLASHY). I tried it again, it just doesn’t seem like a match for me, not anymore. Maybe it was because of the bondage-like band (it caught my eyes the first time), or the material. Well, I ditched it. I decided to get the pointed working heels, in purplish clay and red. Red, can’t believe I actually bought a pair of red heels.

Total damage. RM64 for 2 pairs of shoes. Cheap? Expensive? At least I can wear it everyday until it is worn out.

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