Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Was it Sex or Fashion?

The hit HBO television series that has inspired many to get a pair of Manolo Blahnik-s have finally hit the big screens.

I just can’t wait to catch in the cinema. Four years is a long wait. Sex and the City: The Movie, one of the most highly anticipated films of 2008. Okay, maybe just for those fashionista-wannabes.

The big talk is, Carrie Bradshaw will be wearing 81 outfits in this movie. Eighty one! Isn’t that just a record breaker? Not losing out, Kim Cattrall, Kristin Davis and Cynthia Nixon have 200 changes altogether. All outfits created by notorious PATRICIA FIELDS, stylist.

Besides the four main protagonist, Carrie, Samantha, Charlotte and Miranda, other stars steal the show such as Manolo Blahnik, the shoe, not the designer. Carrie’s signature oversized flower her outfits. Lastly newcomer, Jennifer Hudson. Don’t forget to suss them out.

I attempted to list I listed all the designers involved in this project, but then I thought, why bother. SATC : The Movie basically had the who’s who in the fashion industry lending the fab four a dress or two or three. No wonder they have 281 outfits. It's a bit outrageous to have so many outfit in a 2 hour movie but it’s not really a reality, let’s just be inspired by them.

Its first premiere was held recently, May 11 in London. Gasp! Why not Manhattan, where all the sex happened in this city. But that can wait - Sex and the City's premiere in New York will be taking place in on May 27 before opening in cinemas across USA on May 30th. We shall see if they can outshine London’s and Berlin’s premiere. For us in Malaysia, GSC cinemas will be showing it on 31 July.

Sarah Jessica Parker wore a pale green dress by Alexander McQueen, and coordinating her shoes and bag by the same designer.

Standing out of a crowd, was her green headpiece by Philip Treacy. It had flowers, grasses and a butterfly! It’s the quirkyness that only Carrie Bradshaw’s can carry off.

Did she get inspiration from Imogem Heap?

Kim Cattrall, the sexy one, wore a sexy chilli red off-the-shoulder cocktail dress by Vivienne Westwood. No doubt it’s a sexy color but the dress seems like almost a last minute DIY dress, folded and pinned on to her body. The same colored stripes almost make her look bigger. But still there’s sexy appeal there. I think that is the epitomes of Samantha’s character.

Cynthia Nixon, or Miranda as I would like to call her. In SATC, she always seems the logical one, maybe because of her profession. She wore a shimmer black long Calvin Klein dress. Plunging neckline, and a low-cut pleated black.
She definitely oozed a lot of sex appeal almost comparable to Cattrall. My kudos to her, for battling breast cancer recently.

Sweet sweet Kristin Davis was wearing a red sleeveless dress with a little bit of chiffon at the chest area paired with cream peep-toe heels. This vintage dress is by Guy Laroche Couture. I find this classic look a little boring for a premiere.

At the Berlin premiere, outfits was a little less outstanding but still preserving SATC’s fashion flair.

I personally hope this movie will ignite motivation to dress to our best.

Inside, we all want to be like Carrie. To have the courage to dress uniquely as an individual and not worried about others judging the way you dress. That is so enviable.

In other ways, I am like her, I like my money where I can see them. In my closet, that is.

Pics Credits to ETonline.

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