Friday, January 02, 2009

Blog Feature - Closet Therapy

The very first blog feature is Closet Therapy.
I was first introduced to a whole new virtual fashion world via this blog way back in 2006.
Her blog cover topics ranging from shopping and sales, personal style, accessories, beauty, hair, skincare and even celebrity style.
She has been blogging stealthily since 2004. In 2006, she started contributing to JANE magazine website as one of the guest blogger. However, sadly JANE magazine has been discontinued since 2007.
I am simply fascinated that there is not many of her picture plastered all over her blog. However there is one! and only picture showing her face.
I am not sure if most of her readers know how she looked like or if they actually bother about her looks. They continued to support this blog of hers, the difference of her blog is it's not as commercialize as most blog then to be (imho), just thoughts and opinions of her own personal beauty and fashion advice - which she has described her blog as a very expensive hobby. One of the most popular category is definitely her "Wearing Today". Despite the fact that there is no model for her outfits, there will still be many comments left by her faithful readers.

Her blog continues to get more readers by the day. Besides occasional news update of shopping / sample sales announcements, coupon codes, CT offer product reviews she personally uses.
Like a girlfriend offering advice, this is definitely not a blog not to be missed.

Reference : New York Times

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