Friday, January 02, 2009


May 2009 brings you everything divine,
may you not get visible pantyline.
I personally hope it'll be the death of leggings,
and everything of its kind.

And of course, more shoes.
One can never have enough.

These are about all the shoes I have.
Not many compared to most of yous, so shut up.

Happy New Year!


c r y s t said...

Happy new year ;)

I promise myself to shop lesser this year ;)

y(a)ppie said...

good luck. you'll need a lot of it. haha.

justbee said...

i'm just beginning to shop more. coz i have put a stop to it for about 5 years now!! =P weehoooo!! happy new year in a fashionable wayyyyyyy!! =)

plain.jane said...

loving the new banner!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

plain.jane said...

that's more than 9 pairs wei...
love how your shoes have similar theme..