Friday, January 09, 2009

Haram? Harem pants...

A dear friend, Yuppie constantly exclaims her wish for 2009 is for leggings to die ultimately. I solemnly agree with her, but our worse fear has yet to come.
2009’s fashion must have-s are pants. Not just any pants, but the distant cousin of leggings will hit it big. It’s actually a come back for them.

Harem pants! Yes, it’s those pants; baggy with tighten cuff at ankle and lots of excess clothe.

Seen at Spring 2009 runway at Ralph Lauren and Chloe Proenza Schouler Miss Sixty, Betsy Johnson, Nicole Miller and many more. And it was rumoured that these designers took inspiration from a famous and chic French editor, Carine Roitfeld.

I may be too conservative as compared to fashionable artsy people, but I really think it’s not design for all people.
I do not want to be stuck in the eighties trying to emulate MC Hammer or Janet Jackson in her military days.

First, the rouches does not flatter most average body.

By Free People

It will make your rear big and droopy - just like you are wearing an overloaded diaper.

By Zimmerman

Unless you are tall (read: 5 feet 6 inches) and have very skinny, modelesque legs. You can look good.

By Urban Outfitters

Then, there are those cropped ones - Alibaba wanna-be

By Mango MNG

Lastly comes harem’s offspring - mad combo of harem pants and jumpsuit. What's your take?

By Thakoon

For me, I will stick to structured conventional pants. Just look at Gisele.

By Victoria Secret

All harem supporters - take inspirations from here.


evie said...

LOL. As you know, I actually like these pants - but it's hard finding a pair that suits me, so I had to try on quite a few before I bought them. And i'm also liking the romper with the drop crotch you've shown here...

plain.jane said...

yes, it's very comfy. i saw how you wore it and i think it worked well because of your height and the one you are wearing didn't have much excess cloth
:P I only like things that fit snugly

LP said...

Wow they remind me of MC Hammer...that's a trend i don;t think i can touch :P but surprisingly its popular :P