Monday, January 05, 2009

Shopping with Expectations

..... proved to be a stressful experience.

Yesterday we went hunting for the perfect pair of 'Little Black Shoes' for the housemate, who, by the way, does not quite enjoy shopping on leisurely mode. You know, the type who shop when there are needs, while I, shop when there are needs, AND wants. And it's ok for me if I don't find the exact needs or wants. There are always next time, next destination, next season, next collection, next sale, next choice, next best thing.

Not the housemate. Pressed for time and desperate for comfortable working footwear that are not HushPuppy-ish, we went on a frenzy search in One U, with a will that we MUST find THE shoes before leaving the mall.

It is ker-ray-zee, I tell you.
No joke, I tell you.

The many criteria we MUST meet :

1. comfortable.
2. black.
3. leather.
4. stiletto
5. heels not more than 2 inches high.
6. posh.
7. lasting.
8. timeless.
9. unfancy
10. won't kill for being on your feet for 12 hours.
11. shut her up from whining about sore feet at the end of everyday.

Beauty and comfort. A combination almost non-existent in shoes.

There were 4 of us. Making the most noise in every shop we went to. But no worries, shoe shopping was successful. She just need to break into the them and life will go back to as was. Picture? Sorry can't be bothered to find the exact shoe. Oh it's a basic black 2-inched classy stiletto. You get the picture.

Actually all of us had quite a fruitful day at shopping. I purchased the bag. Another story. Another time ;)

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