Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Lip gloss mania

When I read Harrods Girl's post on Shiseido's latest lip gloss from Maquillage range , all I could thought about my long abandoned blog. There were many many topics that I wanted to write about, products I want to review, but lack of time management got the better of me.

Well, here I shall review on the latest lip gloss available in stores recently. Like Harrods Girl , I don't fancy lipstick, only lip balms or glosses. Lipsticks that I buy all ended up in my drawer, growing moth (I think) or charity to my sis/mom/friends. Whenever I have lipstick on, I can't wiggle any of my lip muscle, feeling very conscious of that layer on my lips and I have a compelling urge to eat it.

Glosses have come a long way since 1932 (can you believe it?
Source), their shape evolved from those tube that you apply with your fingers to a more sophisticated, clean, user-friendly tube/brush/applicator type.

Three glosses that caught my eyes are Revlon, Maybelline and Shiseido.

1. Revlon LipGlide comes in 24 shiny shades and and boast vitamins C & E and jojoba oil in this tube. The wide range of colors is indeed tempting, but the drawback for me, is the packaging. This gloss have nothing left to be desired, because you cannot see the color of the gloss, except when you try it. The felt tip, is not a plus point either. Sometimes the lifetime of the gloss actually outlast the felt and that doesn't work well when applying. Lastly, the plastic casing is a wee bit too teeny for my liking. Although the pen-like shape is very convenient, but isn't all the gloss in the market are easily slipped into your make-up case or even the tiniest clutch.

2. Every girl must have at least an item from Maybelline. I don't know about you - but the "Maybe she's born with it. Maybe it's Maybelline" sure worked its charms on me. Their latest product modelled by Adrianna Lima (like all other products).
Her watery glittery lipstick makes you wanna run to the nearest store to buy this gloss. This silver cased lip gloss is enticing, with a little shade peeking through. Leave the rest for your imagination, and testing of course. Gloss can be applied by twisting the dial, and the tip of it is made of clear plastic (easy for cleansing, I am very anal on overflowing ... on the cover/...) It's ergonomic shape in silver screams chic, trendy. 20 shades categorised into different color group makes choosing a color easier, for yourself or a friend. Are you into pinks? Or mauve shades suits you best? Or my bestie like her lippie in a brown shade?
3. Lastly, the splurge item - Shiseido Neo Climax Lip. Shiseido wins hands down. Their model (Yuri Ebihara) is superbly beautiful and complete with smokey eyes and luscious lips.

sexy eyes

Of course, the lip gloss pen have all that I desire - compact, clean, transparent. Don't forget to pop over to Shiseido Maquillage - very user-friendly site complete with "How-to".
Check out a review of this lippie.

In the end, finding the lip gloss to perfect your smile takes some searching, trial and errors. All the best!

Friday, August 10, 2007

yellow fever 2

Recently I saw a friend wearing a yellow dress just like this. The color look (suprisingly) superb on her. There is always a preconception of how certain colors (i.e bright sunny yellow) does not look good on Asian's yellow toned skin. I tried this dress (from Topshop), I simply loved the cutting and style. It's great for a dinner date or a beach outing. But.... not sure if I have the guts to wear canary yellow.

On another note, pictures of Alexis Bledel. Yellow really brings out her pale skin tone.
You know I love yellow.

Friday, August 03, 2007

Kate gel eye liner

If you think Bobbi Brown's gel eyeliner is too expensive for you, give Kate's gel eye liner a try. Remember Kate? This gel eye liner set comes with a mini brush comes with it. Great for those who are beginners in drawing eyeliner, so you don't invest too much in a brush. Their concept of packaging brushes together is a good selling point.

Gel based eye liners are created to last longer because of its water resistant contents. And hence, dries quickly. No more smudges while you are applying. Gel eye liner is definitely a necessity if dramatic looks is what you are looking for.

A review here

Wednesday, August 01, 2007

and i bought

I got another apple fragrance. Available in green apple too.
Find them at roadshow, Curve Damansara.

also here >Red Delicious Perfect Pair.