Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Fashionably titled, not!

From time to time, I question my participance in contributing here. FASHION.

To qualify being here ( fashion blog ) surely means being in the know about all things current and never being fashionably impaired. Now, between the two contributors here, I AM quite the fashion-ignorant one.

Examples ::

01. I am committing one of the biggest fashion crime ever - I'd never own an LBD.

02. Except on the annual Oscars red carpet, like I care which celeb wears what.

03. I honestly absolutely didn't know of the existence of THE Anya Hindmarch brand, until main blogger Plain Jane threw a hissy fit about her disastrous failure to reserve one of those prized 'Plastic Bags' for herself. The monumental scale of the event didn't actually quite sank into me yet then, as I was still rolling my eyes like Simon Cowell, not comprehending the global obsession.


Not that I'm not passionate about fashion, but in general fashion - most are too high fashion or are just irrelevant eye-candies to my humble lifestyle. Of course, i oohed and ahhed to certain new vogues. I have an exclusive albeit simple must-have list of my own. But that's about it.

Or perhaps I'm threading the fine line between passion for fashion and passion for shopping???

Yes, I LOVE to shop. To try on new clothes, to discover new garments that fits me. Until I find them relevant in my day to day doings, I actually couldn't care less about most of the seasonal fashion hype. I pride myself to have acquired an individual taste. I don't give a damn about that heel-less heels and you won't see me jumping into the bandwagon of the return of leggings. But... BUT... I care about what I put on myself to look good. I care about looking current with items that suit my personality and financial state. I care enough NOT to fall as a fashion victim. And it pains me to see those who possess zero fashion sense.

I care about fashion on a personal degree.
( And maybe 'fashion' is too big of a word for me. 'Style' would be a more appropriate term here. )


At every level, I feel that what is communicated here should be generally informative and be in the best interest of majority. Besides time constraints ( I have a day-job! ) and priorities, often I hesitate to post at Fashionista's Playground because I am not able to write - had the subject is not personal enough for me. Therefore, I find it quite a task to express freely from a fashion point of view here. Thus the lack of post from yours truly. I have this ( irrational? ) fear of causing alienation.

So why not just post about MY personal sense of style?

Well, although I adore my personal simplicity and the occasional moderate flair, most of the times I just don't think my rather un-bombastic ways of dressing and accessorising deserve THAT much whoring. Let's face it, I'm no style chameleon nor do I boast of a cupboardful of thrifted/vintage find to showcase.

Although through time, growth and influences, I have noticed that my personal style shifted. No longer I wholly based my dressing to the practical simplicity and comfort. I was all about tees and jeans. Lately, I've expanded the content of my closet into more illustrious varieties. Basics are still my favourites, but I've taken more interest into textures and details.

I find myself attracted to garments/accessories that didn't take subdued details for granted. Every little fold, pleat, pattern, threading or movement of fabrics that may seem trivial to the naked eyes, do make a lot of difference.

Being more adventurous now, what I used to ignore - I'm willing to give some a try. Like I used to swear that my awkward body will never tolerate any girly babydoll-cut dresses or tops, but having found the right ones, they actually flatter.

Not only my personal style subtly changed, but I've noticed a swing in my buying habits too - sometimes acquiring items I only desire, not need, just for the sake of STYLE. Or, purchasing things I believe may end up only being worn once or twice, then stashed as 'vintage' in the sad corner till the fashion wheel rotates back to its popularity. If it ever does, that is.


Most importantly I think, even when one experiments new trends, you should never lose your core identity.

Look good, be unique, maintain yourself.

Possibly the best personal fashion maxim I can offer.


Karen Marie said...

hey plain jane, This is Karen from

Great fashion blog! I love it!

Will link you up once we got our Malaysian fashion blogs directory :D

Can't wait!

plain.jane said...

i like too.
read all yesterday :P

plain.jane said...

Look good, be unique, maintain yourself.... in fashion and in life :)