Sunday, May 25, 2008

Wardrobe of the Year

There are many times, when I watch a movie; I try to take note of the wardrobe styles. Most times, it’s not so wearable because it is not so easily translated into real life look.

The recent hype of fashion movies, (think: Devil Wears Prada, Sex and the City: The Movie) just keeps escalating my need to shop. Nah, I think more like looking fab than to shop. I know it’s the movie, they do have stylists to prep them up. But (really) the lack of support (staff) and laziness is not acceptable.

Recent non-fashion movie but a lot of styles to emulate is What Happens in Vegas. It’s so inspiring, maybe it’s Diaz’s hot body.Her wardrobe consists of simple (read: effortless) outfits. Looks worn by Diaz are very (classically) contemporary. She carried it off well because it really looks like Diaz's real life style.
It’s suitable for our tropical weather, sans layers.

Looks are very important in the corporate world. Her outfit does not cross over as too provocative in the corporate world. Diaz was being flirty but professional with sleeveless white top and functional black pants, and sexy in high stillettos.
Stiletto pumps and well-cut pencil skirt.

While I am trying to channel Diaz (/ her character, Joy)’s style and hot legs. Please tell me (I need short cuts) where to get a dress like this fabulous dress by Diane von Furstenberg. The vibrant color of this simple cut dress makes the whole look younger and I like how she tones down the accessories and the color of her heels, making the dress as the center piece of attention. My favourite look from this movie.
Diane von Furstenberg hot-pink mini dress
Seen in another similar dress in the premier, with Ashton Kutcher

My rules of dressing is always choose a simple outfit (ie. one color, simple cut) that flatters your body and never over accessorizing. Diaz totally proved my point.

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